It’s nice to get comments on our posts. We all like to hear from a happy audience, and like the funny stories and good information many of you provide.

We do not like our comments section being used to peddle crap. We also do not like comments that seem to be made mostly to get a link to your spammy, non-sex blog on here. Post that stuff on your friend’s blogs.

Your crap will be deleted, and you will be banned from commenting here. If we ever track down any of you joyless lusers, we’ll take our cattle prods, rope, and stinging nettles to you. Only — and we promise — you won’t come. And you will SO not like one bit of it.

Bacchus speaks: Having just logged in to find about fifteen new spams posted subsequent to Aphrodite’s mighty edit-and-delete-fest yesterday, I’ll have to say she’s way too nice about this. (Perhaps it’s the whole Love Goddess thing.) When I endorsed the strappado anti-spam measure proposed by Bondage Blog, it was in large part because Rope Guy found one of those disturbing early-1970s bondage photos where the model looks quite disgruntled. Which ain’t a patch on how “disgruntled” a spammer would look dangling from my meat hook.

The trouble is, ranting here about spam does very little good, because the highest volume and most inappropriate comment spam is crapped out by robots. The robot controllers literally can’t stop by to view their handiwork; there’s far too much of it. They never even know that their spams have been intercepted or deleted, which takes most of the satisfaction out of deleting the stuff.

High-volume automated spammers are what are termed “B2 Bandits” in The Basic Laws Of Human Stupidity — they are “stealing millions to make thousands”, like the meth-heads who wander down the street smashing $600 windshields to collect seventeen cents in sticky coins out of console cupholders.

OK, rant over. The defense against clone armies of evil-doing robots is not to heap deserved calumny on their shadowy overlord controllers; it’s to install trusted defense robots of one’s own, ever vigilant and undismayed by the ceaselessness and pointlessness of their task. It’s an ErosBlog priority, look for it by end of 1Q 2006 (with luck).