There’s something about vintage sexy pictures that I really like. Part of it is that being in the smut business was, well, smuttier back then. People’s expressions are different too. Some look bored, others look kind of embarrassed or high, and sometimes they look like they’re really enjoying themselves, not in today’s fake-smile way. You also learn alot, like that all kinds of kink happened way back when. Here are some pictures that show what I mean.

Vintage Switching from Retro Raunch

She looks like she’s sizing her victim up! Will he get the switch or not? (And what is up with that goofy hat on the chair?)

The next lady is one of the ones that look like they’re really enjoying themselves and will rip anybody that criticizes her a new one.

Happy Nude from Retro Raunch

When I saw this picture the song “Afternoon Delight” popped into my head, and now it’s stuck there, ugh.

Sexy Nude Floating Girl

But she is lovely and it would be delightful to splash with her. Thanks to for all these pictures, and lots more! Their pictures are better than these, because I shrank these some. Also a big thank you kiss to Wombat at Kiss & Blog for telling us chicks that confidence is sexy, even when our body isn’t perfect. That’s true for you guys, too.