First, the yummy illustration:

vintage boozy sex play

Now, the mini-rant:

I found this picture in a gallery of vintage erotic illustrations. The artwork is probably French, but was published about a hundred years ago in an erotic book printed in Russian. The art is uncopyrighted and uncopyrightable. It cannot be owned.

Since the gallery was quite handsome and contained many vintage erotic gems, I right-clicked this image with the intent of saving it, blogging about it, and linking to the website where I found it, as per normal. The way most folks reckon such things, such an Erosblog link would be a good thing.

But instead of getting the image, my browser saved something called “spacer.gif”. Huh? So I took a second look.

Turns out the woman who built the website claims copyright on these images, and has taken extraordinary (but ineffective) measures to prevent people from saving or sharing them. When you click an image on that page, a javascript is launched that opens a new window. That window throws up transparent gifs for both image and background, but then calls a .php function that loads the actual image from a protected directory, and defines it as an object background using CSS. The result is that there’s no way, using normal browser tools, to right click and save the image.

Of course, screen capture software works just fine.

So what did this woman accomplish? She annoyed me mildly by interrupting the flow of my blogging, and then she really pissed me off by claiming bogus intellectual property rights she does not have. Worst of all from her perspective, her grabby-fingered effort to maintain possession of this image means that in my mind, she’s not deserving of the usual link courtesy. She went to a lot of effort to shoot herself in the foot.

Here endeth the rant.