ErosBlog is not the only place where the puppy girl fetish has been mentioned; although I haven’t seen too many web resources devoted to canine roleplaying, there’s enough collars and leashes sold to people with no dogs to suggest it’s a fairly popular game. This latest find from JT’s Stockroom bolsters the point. Does your human puppy (I suppose puppyboys are just as likely) need a Wiggly Rubber Dog Tail anal plug?

rubber dog tail butt plug tail plug

The sales copy seems aimed at eager-to-please doggies:

Show your Master you are pleased by wagging your Wiggly Rubber Dog Tail. A perfect tail for puppy play, this anal plug is made out firm yet wiggly black rubber, with a 4″ insertable oval shaped plug and about 8″ of tail to wag. Quality rubber craftsmen designed this plug to stay put and be worn for hours. This well made dog tail compliments any human dog behind. Wear it and be sure to get lots of treats.


2013 update: Sadly The Stockroom no longer carries these. However, they do have very a very fine selection of bunny, fox, and pony tail butt plugs in their Specialty Butt Plugs department.

2014 update: Puppy tails are back!