It’s funny how once I make a post on a subject like electrosex, I immediately start finding other references to it. For instance, I just found another story of a woman who tried out a cattle prod, and liked it:

For me, the sensation of being totally enclosed, (even my toes!) with ice in all the hot spots and a vibrating toothbrush humming and buzzing along the plastic was amazing; nails on skin that was exposed and vulnerable due to a carefully cut hole in the wrap were shiver-inducing. Made with safety scissors, of course.

I had a chance to test a boundary of mine that night. You know how some boundaries are kind of fluid, or grey? The type where your partner can ease you over it, gradually introduce you to something. Well this boundary of mind didn’t have an “ease line”?. I either did it. Or I didn’t. “There is no try” to quote Yoda.

Jennifer, our class facilitator, mentor, instructor and generally amazing sex educator, had a new toy … an electric cattle prod. Now I have this thing with electricity. It likes me. I mean, it really likes me. My muscles react way over the top whenever I come into contact with it. Apparently, it’s due to a high salt content in my blood. Weird, but true. In any case, it means I conduct really, really well, so electrical stimulation is INTENSE.

So there I was, laid out on the carpet in a warm room, wrapped from shoulders to toes in clingy, clear plastic film, and blind-folded. Jennifer’s voice drifted over towards me. She was speaking to the pair of women next to me.

“Do you know what I have with me? It’s my cattle prod.” Anxiety tightens my belly muscles, and my breathing hitches a bit. I’m right beside them. Next in line. For a force I’m so fearful of. But I know nothing will happen unless I say “Yes. Yes, I can handle that.”

From Activist On A Mission.