Some motel room bondage sex from Joy’s Compost, with a moral — if you play bondage games with an army girl who’s been through Mountain Rescue training, don’t expect to get loose:

I threatened him. “For taking my picture *and* for laughing, you’re getting tied to the bed.” “With what?” he asks. He didn’t take me seriously. I let him know I was serious with an evil look. To his credit, he didn’t even pause to consider being a chicken shit and saying ‘no’. Now, I should insert that neither of us had been serious about *anything* happening. It was just harmless flirting. But we were getting interested in *something* right after he saw I was serious about tying him up. Btw, he was almost 6 foot(iirc), dark hair/eyes, moderately muscled, dressed like a college jock when he was in civilian clothes.

I told him, “Well, with what do you think?” and I brought out the old stand-by that’s pretty damn dangerous if you’re not careful: pantyhose. He dared me, said he could get loose. Heh.

I’ve got his wrists tied to the knobs at the headboard posts and I *know* he’s going nowhere(training for Mountain Rescue had me remembering certain knots). He’s continuing to try and get loose, but he can’t. And he’s getting frustrated. So I took advantage, straddled him and began to tease. And he stopped trying to get loose. Both of us were still dressed, but not for long. He was the first one I’d applied the ol’ “finger up the ass” thing when I blew him. Came like a fucking freight train. Waited an hour, during which he was untied and went about giving me some serious foreplay, then we got down to the fucking. In many varied, wonderfully distracting ways. He made my entire stay in that hellhole State completely worthwhile. ;)