Here’s a little tip for folks sending me link tips. In the last week I’ve gotten a handful in this format:

[Female Name I’ve Never Heard Of] nude photos: {link}

To which my reaction is: “What, is she your girlfriend or something?”

Typically I don’t even bother to click. I’m not a celeb watcher, I don’t read People, I don’t know who Baby SueMe is or why she’s got twenty pages in Vanity Fair (I heard that on CNN while failing to click past Larry King fast enough).

There are people nominated for Oscars that I’ve never heard of. Their names won’t even get a “What, isn’t she some kind of actress?” from me. When it comes to modern celebrity culture, I’m clueless.

So here’s the tip: If you want to send me a link tip like this, make sure you include a hook. Say: “Nude pictures of So-and-So, you know, the girl who got caught with Meatloaf on the observation deck of the Space Needle wearing nothing but a latex bra.”