There’s a stylish spanking blog — not previously linked here by some odd mischance, though I’ve encountered it with pleasure on more than one occasion — called The Spanking Writers, in which Able and Heron recount their spanking lifestyle and share their love of schoolgirl / schoolmaster roleplaying. Fanciful without being fantastic, it’s a very civilized, and very British, read. From New Year’s Eve:

Those of you in the UK may have caught the BBC’s fantastic New Year’s Day production of “Wind in the Willows?. Fortunately we had glasses of wine to hand when the main characters, plotting a raid to reclaim Toad Hall, armed themselves with staffs and raised a toast:

“To the proper handling of sticks!?

Needless to say, we joined in enthusiastically. As a motto for the year ahead, it seemed rather appropriate.

My young lady was told that she could choose her cane; she disappeared upstairs, returning with the longest, thickest, heaviest rod in the house – our Singapore rattan, bought more with curiosity than intent. Even the lightest stroke resulted in a spectacular response, and a delightful stripe; the twelfth and hardest engendered a yelp that the crowds in London could surely have heard 200+ miles away!

I mention this now — proof that flattery will get you anywhere, if it’s unexpected and apparently sincere — because I was pleased to note the following among “our festive roundup of our personal 2006 favorites”:

Erotic Site of the Year. As obsessed with spanking as we are, sometimes we peek into other areas of sexuality as well. On those occasions nothing gives us an erotic jolt quite like ErosBlog, with its exploration of humans as sexual beings.

Why, thank you!