Now this is something that looks like alot of fun! These pictures are of the naked bikers that lead the Fremont Solstice Parade each year. What color of boobies do you like best?
Naked bikers at the Fremont Parade

More colored boobies at the Fremont Parade

It’s cool to see people of all ages doing the nekkid ride:
Striped naked bikers at the Fremont Parade

And you can’t welcome summer without some sunshine, right?
Sunshine man at the Fremont Parade

I gotsta say that some of the best “WTF?” pictures are of naked bikers…..with helmets on. I think your head can handle contact with the asphalt better than your dangly bits!!!

All these pictures (and oh-so-many more!) from Flickr. Clicky the linky to get Fremont Parade search results.

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