There’s an interesting “urban legend” quality to the story surround this photograph of a hot model whose belly button has been photoshopped away by evil villains unknown:

photoshop ate my belly button

If you google around, you can find the photo in dozens of places. Source links, when given, all seem to lead back to here. And nobody knows anything except the oddly-specific-yet-completely-unsourced text there:

Can you believe that?! This brazilian model “lost” her belly button as the Playboy magazine editors were retouching her body curves. The mistake went unnoticed, and the magazine sold 605,000 copies that month… lots of readers got pissed off when they realized they were wasting money on fake pictures.

I wonder why they put so much effort on photoshopping their girls, when most of them need no retouching at all!

Do you notice how much in common this has with an urban legend? There are curiously specific details in a story which has no verifiable source information whatsoever. No date for the magazine in which this photo supposedly appeared despite oddly specific sales figures, no link to a photo gallery, and nary a one of those “pissed off readers” identified.

Now, photoshop flails do happen, as ErosBlog has been documenting since the beginning. And it’s entirely possible that this story is real. But my suspicious mind tells me that the photoshopping in question — and the construction of that plausible-but-unsourced story — may be the work of a clever link baiter.

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