Hey, don’t give me that skeptical look, I’m just passing along fun accounts I found on the internets.

Found here, to be precise:

In twenty-one hours, my friend came eight times. Yes, eight times. And he’s a decade-plus older than your humble narrator.

I came some very large multiple of eight times, although I could not tell you whether it was closer to 48 times or 968 times. I’m very very hoarse, extremely sore, and decidedly shaky. And for once, I do not feel even the slightest desire for more sex.

This account came complete with a logistical plan:

Want to organize such a day for yourselves? Follow the below rules and perhaps you’ll have great results too.

1. Choose a low-end hotel. Fancy is nice, but all you really need is a largish bed (or two) and a working bathroom. Anything else would be a distraction.

2. Don’t bother packing much. The clothes you wear upon arrival can also be worn for departure, as you won’t be wearing them while you are there. Furthermore, books, laptops, magazines, makeup and other assorted sundries will not be useful. Sex toys and condoms, however, will be needed in large quantities. Pack accordingly.

3. Ask for extra towels immediately upon check-in. Do your best to keep your eyes from going all shifty-like when you tell the clerk that you are “very sweaty? and will be taking “extra showers? overnight.

4. Discard clothing immediately upon entering the room. Waste no time on clothed polite chit-chat. Naked polite chit-chat is far nicer.

The rules continue through #20.

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