He moves so well. How did he learn, I wondered. Did he go to school for sex? If so, he’d have a post-graduate degree in fucking. Did he have a coach, someone who coolly looked over his shoulder, critiquing his performance until it was perfect?

From our dear Always Aroused Girl. Her words made me remember some past lovers……one guy that was geeky and clumsy, hitting my head with his elbow and stuff, but he still got me off and had me coming back for more. Another guy might have been Dr. Fucker, the most educated best trained lovemaker around…..but for all his great technique, it felt like fucking a machine. There was no spark between us. (I cried afterward, sad and very disappointed.)

Is good technique better than enthusiasm and a less than topnotch technique? Does good chemistry make all the rest unimportant?

I think for me the answer to the second question is yes.