After linking to a pair of stories about beauty queens gone wild and thence to jail (Katie Reece aka Miss Nevada 2006, arrested for assaulting a police officer, and Kumari Fulbright aka Miss Pima County 2005 and Miss Desert Sun 2006, arrested for kidnapping, robbery, and assault), Jezebel asks which mugshot is prettier?

So, I thought I’d slap up a side-by-side, complete with numbers borrowed from the Beagle Brothers:

beauty queens in jail

I’d have to give the nod to Katie Rees, if only because she’s managed to maintain her poise and perhaps even a sense of humor, despite having been substantially rumpled by the implacable machinery of justice. Whereas, Kumari Fulbright looks like she’s been pretty thoroughly crushed by her life and/or that same machinery of justice, making her a less comfortable target of hot-or-not mugshot fun.

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