OK, despite the appearance of the link at the bottom of this post, this is not a political post. Of course, what you do with said link, I wash my hands of that.

{*scrub* *scrub*}

One of the most ancient and funnest games on the internet is posting links that aren’t quite what they seem, tricking folks into clicking on them to their immediate surprise or regret. These days the cool kids seem to be calling this a “rickroll” — apparently there’s a YouTube music video by Rick somebody that’s been a frequent destination of misleading linkage lately. I’m an old fart, I remember when Goatse.cx and Tubgirl were all the rage. These things are timeless; I’m sure there’s somebody out there who remembers clicking a falsely-described link in their Mosaic browser to some ASCII penis art with ejaculating semi-colons.

With all that talk to serve as your warning, and with you bearing in mind the sorts of things ErosBlog routinely links to, here’s an Erosblog-Approved destination:

Celebrate Bush!