This has got to be absolutely the tamest / cutest photoset I’ve ever seen in the pages of Taboo magazine, which has been happily notorious for explicit bondage sex photography since well before anybody (well, it was, actually) dared to do it on the web. But not in this photoset! Nope, this is just a fine lady and her maid, prepping for another hard day of languishing around the manor in outfits of loosely-arranged lace:

sexy maid brushing hair of fine lady

“Why, you careless hussy! You caught a tangle and hurt my pretty head! I ought to…”

lady attacking and punishing her careless maid

The remonstrances continue: “You indolent wench! I’ll rip off your lingerie and slap some sense into your silly head!”

painful face slapping for a careless and bare-breasted ladies maid

“Bah, slapping isn’t enough for course slatterns like you! Bend over, I’ll pretend to spank you with my silver hand mirror while secretly using it to peer at your pussy!”

lady pretending to spank her maid with a heavy silver hand mirror

And, then, inevitably, there has to be the kissing on the ear and the whispering of sweet nothings:

time for the hot lesbian makeup sex

How else are they going to segue into the inevitable hot-and-sweaty lesbian makeup sex?

Pictures are from the August 2004 edition of Taboo magazine.

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