There’s a lot of extreme closeup shots to be seen at the gyno/medical fetish site Exclusive Club, but as usual for me, I found myself more entertained by some of the establishing shots. Does the doctor really need such a firm hold on her chin to look at her tonsils? Or is he, like, planning to anoint them?

doctor has firm grip while inspecting tonsils

And I also like this next shot (below), chaste though it is despite the schmear of KY jelly on her butt. I can just hear the doctor booming “We are done, thou well-greased wench! Begone from my exam table!”

gyno patient getting off exam table with lube visible on her butt

(Upon mature reflection, it’s probably just as well I didn’t pursue a medical career.)

The pictures are from this gallery. (I also liked two things about this other gallery — first, the model’s lovely rainbow socks, and second, the way the photographer manages to capture a douche expulsion (first pic in the bottom row) as if it were the world’s clearest, prettiest, and purest drinking fountain.)

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