It’s true! True at my house, anyway. It’s been several years at least since the last time there wasn’t something from The Stockroom under our tree.

I try hard not to junk up this blog with commercial messages, but when holiday deadlines loom, the lightning-fast service at The Stockroom is too good to pass up. I suspect their shipping department of being telepathic, or even precognitive; stuff doesn’t literally arrive before I’ve ordered it, but sometimes it feels that way.

First things first: Their Sexmas Sale is on now.

Coal and Switches: For lumps of coal, you’re on your own. But if she (or he) has been naughty, and it’s too much trouble to go out and cut some switches, how about letting them find the festive red handle of this short red riding crop sticking out of their Christmas morning stocking?

short red riding crop

Get a Grip: In extreme cases, where naughtiness is not yet accompanied by contrition, you may find that you also need the matching red leather leash and collar:

red leather leash and collar on a pretty blonde

Christmas Crackdown: Unfortunately, the leather riding crop may prove too gentle (and fun!) to deal with the sort of serious Christmas trouble you’ve got. If it’s just not stern enough to meet your needs, there’s a more severe, but still festive, alternative: the candy-red silicone Lolly Crop ought to fix you right up.

Exeunt: My work here is done. Ho ho ho!

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