Having as I do a fondness for cinematic oddities, a favorite weekend diversion of mine is to peruse my dusty library for things I haven’t seen before. Today’s venture came up with the following from Jasper Sharp: Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema (Godalming, UK: FAB Press, 2008). A production company called Kokuei, which started making films for the Japanese Ministry of Education, made two movies on a “girl Tarzan” theme called Valley of Lust (1963) and Cave of Lust (1965). According to Sharp, nothing survives of these movies except a handful of publicity stills. But what stills! For the pleasure of ErosBlog readers, I post my favorite from Cave of Lust, the actress Aki Ema, together with a monkey companion:

topless Aki Ema and a monkey in Cave Of Lust

Some monkeys have all the luck.

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