According to The Smoking Gun, a woman (in jail for public intoxication, and anxious to influence a custody dispute with her boyfriend) asked the police to search her laptop for evidence that her boyfriend might have been searching for underage porn. Here is her mugshot:

butter dog criminal

The tragi-comical twist: she apparently forgot that she’d made two drunken bestiality videos with the ex-boyfriend in question and her pet beagle, which videos were still sitting in her recycle bin. Where, of course, the police found them.

Spite doesn’t pay, people.

The sex blog payoff for this story comes in the description of her bestiality, which, although un-salacious as only a police affidavit description can be, nonetheless falls within the ErosBlog editorial ambit by being a description of an atypical sexual activity that one rarely hears about in detail, for all the obvious reasons:

The video showed Owen, completely naked, saying “it’s playing” and then walking away from the camera to a bed with a dog on it and lying down. A male, whom I recognized as her ex-boyfriend Heath Pierle…then entered the video, got on the bed, and began to rub something on Owen’s vagina. Owen then picked up a jar of something, scooped some out with her fingers, and and also rubbed it on her own vagina. During the application of the substance, both Pierle and Owen can be heard saying “Toby come here.” Pierle then pointed to Owen’s vagina, and the dog walked over and began to lick it. Owen can be seen smiling as the dock licked her vagina.”

And that, I think, is quite enough of that.

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