I’ve long been a fan of the photography of Richard Kern, who does edgy erotic photography. Some of it’s explicit, or explicitly fetish, material; but a lot more is what I’d call “plain” art nudes, done in an indescribable way that makes them seem deeply kinky. Back in the pre-blog era, I sometimes used to make extra beer money buying books of his art postcards, separating them carefully, and then selling them individually on eBay (that was before eBay hired a Disney executive and went all “mid-twentieth-century prude” on everybody).

From time to time I get a low-key marketing email from Rori at Vice magazine. Rori gets these right: it’s openly a mass email, contains most of the useful information in the subject line, it’s very short, features the advertised link prominently, and best of all it asks nothing and is easy to ignore. The (low) cost of scanning and deleting these has finally paid off, by alerting me to a Richard Kern feature called Archival Girls. It’s very simple: thirteen photos from Kern’s archives, with short captions by Kern about the models. This one is a nameless (as in, Kern forgot her name) stripper from San Francisco:

girl on toilet