At 2Blowhards I discovered an entertaining list of the female fantasies being sold by a non-random selection of women’s magazines. My three favorites:

* Plastic surgery won’t make you look weird.

* Emotions — no matter which, no matter when — need to be faced and worked-through. Then you’ll feel great.

* Embracing who and what you are — whatever that means — will make you look ten years younger.

Now, it’s all too easy for a man to make a list like this with the intent to mock, but that would be a dangerous game; give me a copy of Guns & Ammo, a Car & Driver, and an Esquire magazine and I could make a list of perceived guy-fantasies that wouldn’t exactly highlight our finer qualities. No, the true value of a list like this tends to be as a conversation starter. For instance, an early comment prompted post author Michael to inquire:

Meta-question: Why are women so preoccupied with “feeling better”? Is being a woman such a draggy, self-centered, hormonal swamp that all many gals can really enjoy thinking about is a little relief from the muddy weight of it?

Needless to say, that triggered an animated discussion.