The Daze Reader, which has been churning out the sex blog goodness for even longer than ErosBlog, has posted a resource that’s sure to become the (no link due to bad popups) of the celebrity sex tape world. Behold:

Daze Reader Guide to Celebrity Sex Tapes

This thing is great! It’s the carefully researched lowdown and skinny on considerably more than 100 rumored and actual celebrity sex videos. For example, what about that Cameron Diaz sex tape somebody told you about? Daze sez:

Cameron Diaz Sex Tape

Who? American actress.

Real? The tape exists, and it’s really Cameron Diaz. But it’s not really a “sex tape”, just topless footage from a campy sex comedy made early in her career.

Circa 1992, the young and unfamous Cameron Diaz shot some scenes for a softcore sex comedy. The film was never completed, and the footage remained forgotten. Sometime around 2003, photographer-director John Rutter tried to make some money off the footage…

[several more paragraphs of detail]

Video shot on the set shows Diaz wearing a revealing black leather & fishnet outfit. She and another vixen spend some time lightly whipping a hunky guy chained to a pillar wearing a loincloth. Then we see several minutes of Diaz posing for topless photographs. Later Diaz shoots a simulated sex scene with the loincloth dude. Throughout all the action, a director (Rutter?) shouts directions and encouragement from offscreen. The trailer includes a fun little clip of Cameron spraying compressed air on her nipples to prepare for a shot, then giggling “Look how big they got!”

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