A little while back when Bacchus posted a picture of Lisa Kirk on crutches I took one look at it and thought “I bet that woman has a really sexy…voice.” (Yes. I do know I’m weird, thank you.) And a peek at the Wikipedia article that Bacchus linked to indicated that Lisa Kirk was not just any singer, but a contralto, which is a very rare (to say nothing of sexy) voice type.

Must investigate further, I thought. Through the miracle of modern commerce I managed to swiftly get ahold of a CD copy of Lisa Kirk Sings at the Plaza. I was not disappointed.

Lisa Kirk sings at the Plaza

Boy does she ever have sexy voice. Follow the link above for samples.

In addition to an astonishing contralto, Lisa Kirk (at least in this recording) cultivated an appealingly Bad Girl stage persona, as can be seen from the lyrics added to the version of “Anything Goes” she performs. Cole Porter didn’t write them (although I bet he might have approved). They have a feel about them that would make an ErosBlog anthem. (And I bet seemed pretty naughty back in 1958 when Kirk recorded it.)

Do you know that I know so many people that can’t let themselves go?
Can not let themselves go.
Well I’ve always believed that he who hesitates is lost!
Well, why wait?
Now you just take me, for instance.

I eat when I’m hungry,
Sleep when I’m tired,
Do what I want to do
When I’m inspired.
I laugh when I’m happy,
Cry when I’m sad
Although I’m a lady
I cuss like a fool when I’m mad.
(I do! I invent things.)

I smoke when I’m nervous,
Drink when I’m dry.
If some guy looks good to me, I’ll give him the eye.
No ring on my finger,
No everynight bow,
With me anything goes.

When it behooves me,
I sleep in just pyjama tops.
I’m taking chances I suppose.
Anything goes.
Who’s to know
Where my pyjama-jama stops?
When I’m in bed,
Restin’ my head,
The boy never hardly ever shows.
Anything goes.

So when some night I spend an hour
With someone who’s got the power to curl my toes,
Anything goes!

Tear up the rules!
Kick off the news.
Stand on my ear my dear,
Play dominoes.
Now let’s make it clear my dear,
Here, anything goes.
A rose is a rose is rose is a rose is a rose is a rose,
I suppose.
Anything goes.
Anything goes.

After hearing that I felt inclined to say like Eloise “Oo, I simply adore the Plaza.”