Sometime in the mid-to-late 1980s, Annie Sprinkle became somewhat famous (or notorious, depending on who you talk to) for her performance art show Porn Post Modernist, which included a bit she called A Public Cervix Announcement:

annie sprinkle shows her cervix as performance art

Personally, I’ve always thought she should have called it “Through Darkest Ignorance With Flashlight And Speculum”:

inspecting annie sprinkle\'s cervix

Well, it’s now twenty(ish) years later, in the age of the internet and digital cameras. Which means Annie’s groundbreaking work has been re-imagined, in the spirit of what BoingBoing calls “citizen science”, as the Beautiful Cervix Project, with high-resolution color photographs taken daily over time, complete with a tip-o-the-hat to the “very talented boyfriend with a headlamp.” The only thing that feels 1980s about this project is the blogger-unfriendly advance-permission-required photo reproduction policy; in every other respect, it’s very much in the style we’ve come to think of as “Wikipedia Modern”:

Anatomy Text comic from xkcd

Comic credit: xkcd.

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