I’ve always been a sucker for double and triple entendre. The completely deniable filthy joke (“Only the dirtiest-minded person could possibly think I meant that!”) is the best.

Which is why, on my weekly visit to T-Shirt Hell to see what’s new, I was delighted by this excellent shirt design:

god gets me wet

The words, alone, might be a bit obnoxious. But with the clouds and rain? Why, it’s a simple celebration of His guiding hand behind every natural phenomenon. A pastor’s daughter known for her environmental consciousness (and who has a deep streak of mischief) could wear it with aplomb, and nobody (but her father, of course) would dare to say “Boo!” to her about it.

I love it.

And then there’s this holiday gem, perfect for every cookie-baking mother you know:

she puts COOKIES out for santa, you pervert!

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