There’s a family legend that a great-grandfather of mine relocated his family from Pennsylvania to California during the snowy month of January in a pair of brand new 1926 Hudson automobiles. And what a long cold drive that must have been!

Supposedly, he made a snap decision to move after listening to the radio announcers describing the warm California weather during the Rose Bowl parade. Or, at least that’s what he told his young daughter; you’ve got to figure he had a better reason to get out of town in a hurry. But let’s take the story as a parable for the inspirational power of warm weather on a cold winter’s day, and let that be the theme of this year’s Merry Christmas message:

warm Christmas

Here’s hoping the big Christmas snowstorm of 2009 hasn’t messed up your holiday plans. If you’re shoveling snow today, try to keep in a Hawaii frame of mind. And Merry Christmas to all!

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