Historic Rahway, New Jersey may bear the distinction of being the boyhood home of Milton Friedman, but the libertarian principles that eminent economist spent his life espousing might be a little wan these days in his hometown.

It seems that Eliza Gonzalez and family decided to take advantage of recent snowy weather in the Northeast United States to make a Venus de Milo-esque snow sculpture on their front yard, which apparently most of the neighbors liked, at least according to this TV news report. But someone, of course, had to ruin the fun by making an anonymous complaint to the police, who in turn complained to Ms. Gonzalez, who responded by covering the sculpture up with a bikini top and a sarong.

new jersey snow woman

The irony of the situation, as Ms. Gonzalez told the BBC (oh, grand, now the Brits and the whole world get to snicker at us prudish Americans again) is that the sculpture looked “more objectified and sexualized” than before the cops showed up.

I’m afraid I agree. Hat tip to Jerry Coyne.

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