When I sat down to read this post, I felt as if Dr. Faustus had blogged here before about the legendary actress Hedy Lamarr. If so, my search appliances have failed me today; but I’m probably thinking about his post on Erotic Mad Science, in which he mentions her “very bold nude scene” in the 1933 movie Ecstasy. Her Wikipedia entry states:

In early 1933 she starred in Gustav Machat√Ĺ’s notorious film Ecstasy, a Czechoslovak film made in Prague, in which she played the love-hungry young wife of an indifferent old husband. Closeups of her face and long shots of her running nude through the woods gave the film notoriety.

The trigger for this post was the appearance on Kinky Delight (originally from Milk & Honey, via Erectus) of a large and attractive still photo from that movie, featuring Hedy, one breast bared, looking emotively at the camera:

hedy lamarr nude

ErosBlog’s standard 320-pixel image width makes for an unsatisfactory panorama in this case; for a much larger version, click here or on the photo.

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