I keep hearing the voice of Jeff Foxworthy in my head as I think about this. “If your sex toy company washes returned dildos in the office sink, you might be a redneck…” But the thing is, I know some rednecks. Hell, I have rednecks in my family. They don’t vote, but they do buy sex toys…and not used ones, either. That would be tacky.

I’m talking about a paragraph from this account: Email From a Former EF Employee. Yeah, disgruntled former employee. Yeah, I read it on the internet so it must be true. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like any other internet account, you get to decide whether you believe it, based on whether the account feels true to you and whether it matches other data you have. Meanwhile: Ew.

I worked for Eden Fantasys for approximately eight months.

One day I arrived at the office early. Most people were not in yet, but the product manager was there. She was at the sink washing things. I set my computer up, went back to say hi, and noticed that she was washing dildos. And drying them, and bringing them to the warehouse (directly attached to the office). She said something about returns that hadn’t even been opened. Some companies package their toys in simple plastic bags stapled at the top, which is easy to reproduce. At least one other person can attest to this practice. Enough said.

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