I used to live in a tourist destination town, and it was not uncommon to encounter European backpacker types naked in the laundromat while they washed all their clothes. The impression we got from attitude and body language was that this was considered normal practice for travelers on a budget, and that considerations of more modest local custom were beneath contempt. So, basically: Suck it, you American prudes.

Thus it is with some irony that I have encountered this porn made by a U.S. porn company featuring a BDSM slavegirl being forced to launder her clothes in a public fountain in a European city (Berlin, I think):

woman washes her clothes naked in a public fountain in Berlin

woman washes her clothes nude in a public fountain in Berlin

Although the locals are probably rather less bothered by all this than they would be in the U.S., I’m sure there are some ancient moralists whose feelings were ruffled during the making of this pornography. And to them I say, in all good humor: Suck it, you European prudes.

Images credit: Public Disgrace.

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