I recently received a delightful email from an ErosBlog fan who included for my consideration some choice quotes from vintage sex writing. The bit below on the male experience of fellatio, he says, is from literary critic Edmund Wilson’s book The Twenties: From Notebooks and Diaries of the Period:

“The time before, the cool moisture of her lips when she has bent lower for fellatio, so delightful, so curiously different from the warm and mucilaginous moisture of ordinary intercourse — the incredible-feeling caress, gently up and down, until the delightful brimming swelling pleasure seems to make it flow really in waves which fill her darling woman’s mouth. In taking hold of my cock and balls, she had a gentleness, reluctance and timidity which, as well as the way she rubbed over the glans and below, gave the whole thing a delicious and as it were tantalizing, lightness, only satisfied, completed, by the fullness and the richness of the final flow.”