Normally I don’t link to this sort of squalid tabloid fare, but…

It’s important to remember, the rich are not like you and me.

Consider the Marquess of Bath. He has a wife, who conveniently lives “overseas” most of the time. He’s got a 10,000 acre spread with a mansion on it. He’s worth 160 million pounds. He’s 79 years old. And he’s got 74 girlfriends, although he only keeps a few of the favorites in cottages on the premises.

Not for nothing do they call him “The Loins of Longleat.” Man has a “famously obscene” Kama Sutra room in his house. And when his girlfriends get to bickering, or even fighting, he just turns off his hearing aid and suggests a game of chess.

Oh yes, and he’s known for swallowing whole mackerel at parties. What a charmer!

The next time somebody tries to tell you money isn’t an aphrodisiac? Laugh at them, please.