Way back in 2000, a bunch of annoying songs starting junking up my Napster searches (remember the original Napster?) from a crew called “The Bloodhound Gang”. One of them was a charming little number (not) titled The Lapdance Is Always Better When The Stripper Is Crying. I managed to summon a little frisson of moral disapproval the first time I saw the song title, because then and now, I like to think that sexual transactions ought to be more-or-less fun for both parties. But hey, pop music, whatya gonna do?

I was reminded of that long-ago flash of momentary disapproval by this picture at Kinky Delight:

woman in tears gives a deep throat blowjob

The other intersection with pop music is that on Valentine’s Day, The Nymph and I were having our own quiet private party at home (we’re so old, I know!) and she was just tipsy enough to (a) be feeding the Gwen Stefani videos from her video iPod into our TV and (b) letting her massive girl-crush on Gwen Stefani show a bit more than usual. One connection between that evening and this blog post that I don’t mind mentioning: for some reason, the cartoon girl in this image reminds me of Gwen Stefani — perhaps because, if you click through to the larger version of the image, his hands on the back of her head are a visual mass at the same angle as the backwards baseball Gwen was wearing in one of the videos.

Further your deponent sayeth naught.

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