In which Kaya talks about sex with her master and the new girl:

The sex was phenomenal. I had been a little worried that I might have lost interest in women because I hadn’t been with one for so long, but no. Nope, it’s all still there. :)

She’s hot, and she’s sexy, and she’s warm and soft and beautiful, and good between the sheets.

And she tastes good. Yum.

She came prepared with condoms (we didn’t. Ha. The last time we used one was, um, never!). She came with creams. Tasty, tingly creams. Blow job creams. She rubbed me up and licked me off. She rubbed him up and we both licked him off. She rubbed herself up and me and him licked her off.

I liked sharing. I liked when she and I teamed up on him and shared his cock between us, taking turns licking and sucking. She’d take the balls while I took the cock, or vice versa. I’d take his nipples while she took his cock. We’d both take the cock, our tongues tangling together over the head.

I liked when she and Master teamed up on me. Her soft gentleness in such sharp contrast to Master’s hard roughness. She licks and nibbles; he bites and scratches. He’s gruff and demanding; she was sweet and considerate.

I liked when he and I teamed up on her and I licked her while he fucked her. He and I tasted her together. I sucked her nipples while he pounded her from behind. I cupped her ass cheeks, warm from a recent spanking, I gripped her hands, I kissed her lips, I moved her hair–all while Master took her, over and over again.

When M was fucking her, I kept waiting for a spark of jealousy. Or… something–but there was none of that. I spent a good bit of time off to the side watching them (and a good amount of time right there in the action, too, make no mistake) and I simply enjoyed their enjoyment. I enjoyed watching him; his face, his body. I enjoyed listening to the things he said to her, which were different to the things he says to me (surprisingly).

And I sure enjoyed the view she was giving me. So so much.

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