Here’s that rara avis, a Tumblr with what appears to be original content. And what’s more, it’s about Dudes In Distress. Damsels in distress on the internet, dime-a-dozen. Dudes? Not (quite) so much.

For the most part, the distress is pretty notional; does this man look distressed to you?

One commenter even suggested the tumblr should be called “Submissive Dudes in Fulfilling Sexual Relationships”. But it’s not all happy cocks tied up with pretty colored string. Nope, there was the time when

she waterboarded (one of) my boyfriend(s). She said, “I’m going to do this real nice.” Yeah, even the nice way sucks, though.

That, I can believe. I get panicky and short of breath just looking at this:

waterboarding her boyfriend

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