Here’s a very personal and persuasive essay from a man who found that doing escort work (and, later, making porn) was more personally and ethically satisfying than working as a personal injury lawyer:

I found myself shackled with $100,000 in student loans, and no law firms specialized in what I loved and hoped to pursue, Constitutional Law. Instead, I felt forced to settle on a job as a trial lawyer for injury cases. I reasoned, If I couldn’t serve the greater public good by using my legal education, then at least I could succor the injured in their quest for justice against those who harmed them.

But studying law and practicing it proved to be a different story. It quickly became apparent that my colleagues were exploiting the suffering of injured clients as a means to satisfy their own avarice. It was standard practice to use any methods necessary to wrest, cajole or hack a settlement from anyone they sued. After all, if they won a case, my colleagues received a hefty one-third of the settlement. For them the law was a self-serving instrument to be wielded for “victory.” The principles of law I so deeply valued were routinely violated. I quickly grew disillusioned.

After a year, I had seen enough. I fell into a moral crisis.

On the other hand, after he started advertising his services on

Because I was non-judgmental and respectful, clients felt safe to share their true desires. None of their requests seemed strange to me. Whether they wanted to be beaten or bound, made loved to or pissed on, their desires were pure and honest. It satisfied me to gratify them.

But what thrilled me most was the idea that spending time with me actually positively affected my clients’ lives. It wasn’t just about sex. It was about connection, authenticity, healing. Through our conversations and play, clients learned to understand and honor what deeply aroused them. Many rediscovered parts of themselves that had long been repressed or buried; some even gained insight as to why. One client, whose partner of 30 years had died, told me that his time with me stopped him from committing suicide. Another chose me to bring sex back into his life for the first time since his true love was killed in 1971. The skills that I had learned in caring for Steve translated into my work as an escort. At times, I considered myself as much of a healer as any therapist.

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