letter from soviet erotic alphabet

I once had a powerful but foolish (and not reciprocated) crush on a good friend. I managed (I think) to contain the obligatory making-an-utter-ass-of-myself spasm to a brief episode that was not utterly destructive of our friendship; at least, I still got an invite to her wedding, where I drank in a (I hope) not-too-sombre fashion with her (actual) former boyfriends. We stayed in desultory email communication for awhile after that, but it’s been ten years now at least since I last heard from her. She’s in my mind this morning because she would have really enjoyed these links, I think, to a 1933 album of erotic illustrations of the Russian alphabet, as painted by Soviet sculptor Sergei Dmitrievich Merkurov:

Soviet Erotic Alphabet (on LiveJournal) (Google Translate version here)

Soviet Erotic Alphabet (with a flash flipbook) (Google Translate version here)

So, Veildancer, if you ever stumble over this post, this one’s for you.

erotic alphabet russian

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