In the erotic story Carnival (by ChrystalWynd) three female muggers accost the wrong carnival jester. After losing a physical altercation, they find themselves in his power:

“Very good, dear,” said Wellington. “Now, let’s give the three of you a test run, shall we, my sweets? Excellent. I am going to make you dance like the sweet flowers you are. Not only shall you dance, you shall remove your garments and allow this poor jester the vision of your bare delights.”

Wellington began to manipulate his fingers much like a puppeteer, and then Valarie, Janey and Desiree began to dance. At first, they moved robotically, with jerky motions and little choreography. Then their movements began to smooth out and they began to take on a visible grace. They smiled and twirled on their toes. Then their hands began to slide their clothing off their bodies, until at last all three were fully naked. Wellington curled his fingers into fists and pulled them in opposite directions. “Freeze!” he said, and all three dancers stopped in mid-movement, rigid.

The jester walked around the three girls, patting their bottoms, running his hands over their rounded hips, running a finger along their jaw lines as they stood motionless on bare feet. Finally, he nodded.

“Yes, you three are lovely indeed,” he said. “You will do quite well for what I have in mind. But first, some minor changes, my lovelies.”

Wellington turned his attention to Valarie. The gang leader was still unable to move, but her eyes were wide with shock and anxiousness. Wellington fixed Valarie with a stern stare.

“You,” said Wellington, “are not a nice girl.”

Wellington walked around Valarie several times. Finally, he stopped directly in front of Valarie once again. “No, you are definitely not a nice person. But we can change that. We can make you very sweet and giving. Giving of yourself and everything. Everybody will love what a sweet, giving person you’ll be, little cupcake.”

The jester reached up and slid a finger into Valarie’s mouth. Valarie’s lips wrapped tightly around that finger, but otherwise there was no further movement. Then Wellington began to concentrate.

At first there appeared to be no effect. Then Valarie’s hair began to fade in color as it thickened and grew longer. Valarie’s breasts began to swell and her waist began to shrink, even as her hips widened. Her bottom began to swell as well, and those lips wrapped tightly around Wellington’s finger began to thicken into bee-stung loveliness. Her pubic hair dropped away softly and blew away with the wind. Valarie’s eye color swirled and shifted to match the color of her hair, which was all colors and no color. Unthinkingly, Valarie’s tightly wrapped lips began to slide up and down the jester’s finger.

“And you, my sweet,” said Wellington, “are now Cotton Candy, the wandering wet dream. You will also wander our dirt roads, searching for people to please. You will never turn anyone down, regardless of his or her desires, and you will offer yourself freely to everyone. As the carnival gives pleasure, so shall you.”

Wellington held his hand out, then turned it over and moved it down, indicating that Valarie should bend over. To her mortification, Valarie found herself with her hands on her knees as she bent over to present her tight round ass for inspection by Wellington or anyone else who might be walking by.

The jester now stepped forward to the bent over Valarie. He unzipped his pants and wiggled his puppeteer fingers, and Valarie found herself taking out Wellington’s cock and wrapping her swelled, bee-stung lips around it. The jester continued to speak casually as Valarie’s hair bobbed between his thighs.

“Your hair and your eyes share an interesting property, sweet Cotton Candy,” said Wellington. “Their color will depend entirely on who is looking at you. If a gentleman perusing your beauty enjoys a preference for red-haired women, then you shall appear to have red hair and green eyes…to him, at least. If someone standing next to him feels that golden-haired Aphrodites are the cat’s meow, then, to that person, you shall have blonde hair and blue eyes.” Valarie found herself unable to answer as her pillowed lips slid up and down Wellington’s thick shaft, her chin wet with drool.

The jester realized he was moments from cumming, and he assumed a jaunty stance. Valarie, already furious with herself for being unable to stop herself from giving the little man a blowjob, felt her eyes widen as she realized what was about to happen. Sure enough, Valarie felt his cock harden even more and suddenly her mouth was filling with cum.

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