There’s strong and suggestive evidence (very suggestive!) that Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman may once have had sex. At the least, they drank elderberry wine together, spoke of the insipidity of the love of women, and got on famously. Oscar’s after-action report:

“I have the kiss of Walt Whitman still on my lips.”

And this is an awesome intro to the tale:

You are either the kind of person to whom this matters a great deal, or the kind of person to whom it matters not at all. To the latter I say: yours is the narrow road and the straight, and I extend to you a hearty and fulsome handshake, as well as my sincerest wishes for your continued good health. To the former I say: Want to hear about the time Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde (probably) hooked up??

Of course you do. You’re my kind of person. Why do we ever talk about anything else? Let’s never do that again.


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