Well, that’s my “no late-night-snacking” New Year’s Resolution all shot to shit:

Blonde teen tiffany raiding the fridge in a sweater, thong, and socks for a late night snack

Yeah, baby, I know there’s something good in there if you rummage long enough. Keep looking… I know I will be!

Tiffany Teen on her knees rummaging for snacks and displaying her world-class booty

This destroyer-of-diets-and-good-intentions is Tiffany Teen from Phil-Flash.

I don’t know whether you’ll be more amused or disturbed to discover (as I did when I was researching these photos to figure out where they came from) that the first one has been widely distributed as a photoshopped “adult diaper” image:

Tiffany Teen fridge-raiding photo doctored to show her wearing a diaper

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