no, ma'am, we're musicians

All observers of the human condition know that a good musician never has any trouble getting laid. It turns out there’s now scientific proof that the ladies really do want to jump a musician’s bones. The better the musician, the harder they jump! But there’s a catch: They only want him when “the risk of conception is at its highest”. They want your babies, musical gentlemen!

This new knowledge comes from British research reported in The Telegraph:

The study involved nearly 1,500 women with an average age of 28, who were not breastfeeding, pregnant or using hormonal contraception.

A group of women were asked whether they would prefer the composer of one simple melody, or a second more complex piece.

In each case they were asked whether they would prefer the composer as a short-term sexual partner, or a longer-term partner in a committed relationship.

The results showed that women only preferred composers of more complex music as short-term sexual partners when the risk of conception was at its highest, according to the study.

The same trend did not emerge when women were asked about visual artists, according to Benjamin Charlton, the paper’s author.

The study, published in The Proceedings Of The Royal Society B, could account for the early origins of music and why creative individuals are considered so desirable for short-term sexual relationships.

The researchers believe it provides the first scientific support for Charles Darwin’s theory that the prime function of music is to aid sexual courtship.

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