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Daze of Daze Reader is one of the few sex bloggers on my blogroll who has been at this longer than me. But he’s still got it, turning out some excellent posts, like this one:

A Who’s Who Of Whores In Game Of Thrones

It’s an encyclopedic reference to all the appearances of all the whores in the television show, complete with screen shots. As one who thinks that the show is made better by regularly showing us people getting on with their lives the way folks do by fucking, talking, and scheming simultaneously, I find the compilation quite enjoyable.

On nomenclature: I have never been one to throw the word “whore” around casually, on the blog or off it. But Daze chose to use it for (what I take to be) literary reasons that seem to him good, and I’m mirroring his usage because it’s his blog post I’m referencing. Here’s Daze on his reasons:

A note on language: some other sites have made reference to “sex workers” of Game of Thrones. A more respectful term than “whores”, certainly, but it rings false for the fictional world portrayed in the show. As Ellaria Sand says when Olyver addresses her as “my lady”:

Oh, I’m not a lady.

A term of courtesy in this establishment.

A lie, anywhere. Why not use the right words? I’m a bastard. She is a whore. And you’re a, what, a procurer.

Bluntness has value. With all due respect to sex workers fictional and real, we’ll stick with “whores” here.

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