The whole “girl locked in a tower who lets down her hair to aid her rescuer” theme was a favorite centuries before the Brothers Grimm wrote it down in a book of uptight German fairy tales, from whence it was eventually dragooned into Disney’s memetic stable. It draws on parental anxieties about the burgeoning sexuality of their daughters, and it encodes the true-but-unwelcome message that there’s absolutely no way you can effectively lock that sexy daughter up and keep her “safe” because she’s ultimately going to conspire with her suitors to defeat all parental precautions so that they can carry on in the way that young people always do. (Luckily for our perpetuation as a species.) Fortunately for insecure parents everywhere, most versions of the story do not get quite this explicit about what happens once Rapunzel decides to let her hair down:

rapunzel getting fucked up her ass while her rescuer pulls hard on her long beautiful hair

Art is by Liquidshadow, via Kinky Delight.

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