Here’s a curious tale that’s apparently been reconstructed from local folklore, without much in the way of specifics or documentation. As such, we might reasonably wonder whether it is anything more than half-remembered salacious local rumors that have filtered down through three-quarters of a century. Still, it’s a story of human and sexual courage, and we don’t see so many of those:

An unnamed Czech nurse has been honoured by her community for her radical method of bringing down the Nazis that invaded her town in the 1930s.

The ‘femme fatale’ divided the people of Trebon in what was then Czechoslovakia when she exacted revenge on Nazi invaders by sleeping with them to give them STDs such as syphilis that would kill them.

It is believed the woman, who worked at a local hospital, decided to take action when she was raped by a Nazi soldier shortly after the occupation in 1938.

She was initially shunned by her community, who despised her for sleeping with the invading enemy soldiers. But her cunning plan soon swayed opinions when soldiers began either disappearing or dying.

Regional historian and curator of the museum in Trebon, Jirina Psikova, told The Daily Mail: “The woman is historically unrecognised with no known documents mentioning her, but several people remember her story and opinion is divided.

“Some say she was a ‘slut’ who spread sexually transmitted diseases among German officers; other say she was a real patriot who was raped and infected by the Nazis and she decided to get her revenge.”

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