Over the years I’ve had little to say here at ErosBlog about the webcam industry, because (quite frankly) I don’t have much experience with it. My own joy has always been in still erotic images; I never even enjoyed porn videos as much as most people seem to. An age ago I scoffed at video porn because it struck me as “inexorably linear.” The web to me is beautiful because it’s interactive; you can follow links and jump from site to site and go backwards and forwards and sideways. You get to craft all of your own interactions at your own speed, rather than just sitting, staring at a screen as it creeps in its predestined petty pace from frame to frame.

Which means I ought to love cam shows. Live webcam sex at a cams site like FapShows.com is about the most interactive sexual experience you can have on the internet. You can click from performer to performer, chat with them (often for free) in their public chats, and then (assuming your stack of tokens is sufficient) go private with the model for a custom experience as personalized as you can afford and as interactive as the technology allows.

My excuse for not blogging more cams stuff over the years? Inexperience. I really haven’t done very much with cams performers, because I suffer from a touch of choice-paralysis. A site like this presents an all-you-can-eat buffet of loveliness when you land on the home page:

Fapshows.com free chat cams

It’s my idiosyncrasy that when I’ve had shekels to spend on an internet sex show, I would always have trouble making up my mind which girl to engage with. Too much choice: it’s a good problem to have!

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