From Curvaceous Dee:

On Tuesday evening I had Hylas thoroughly bound: wearing latex shorts with a zip for access; a latex hood with open mouth so I could make use of his tongue; rubber mitts on his hands and sheepskin cuffs on his ankles; a spreader bar keeping his legs apart; and rope to ensure he was wide open for me. His cock was jaunty and veined with a ring at the base (plus bonus ribbon for prettiness and texture), and I’d taken great pleasure in opening up and filling his arse. In short, I’d been making most excellent use of him.

But Tuesday evening wasn’t all about him, or not entirely. It was about me enjoying myself – and while I took a lot of pleasure, both sadistic and sexual, in teasing and using him, I also wanted some attention myself. What was I to do?

It was easy, really. I took a break and pleasured myself next to him, knowing that he could feel me move and hear me cry out as I wanked, but was unable to do anything at all but be a pillow for me.

Cruel…but he doubtless enjoyed it anyway.