You know those dreams where you’re on stage about to make some public speech or performance? Only, you don’t have any pants? It can actually happen:

Naked conductor conducts nude musical orchestral performance

naked orchestra musicians do nude performance

rear view of naked musicians in a nude orchestra

Horny much?  Nude brass section of naked orchestra

naked conductor of a nude orchestra takes a bow

Pictures found here. But the best explanation I could discover comes from here, and I hope you’ll blame Google for the uncertainties of the machine translation:

Japan set up a college band naked woman

According to friends broke the news recently, a group of Internet widespread naked woman is said to be in a college band in Japan pictures. The group picture shows, this university is naked girl band performances, the audience packed. But there are knowledgeable users claimed that this group of pictures actually director for Japan Morikawa Kei Japanese AV Actress composed by the so-called “Stark Naked Orchestra”, not what college woman orchestra!

Japanese publicity stunt for an AV idol sounds about right to me. Although a genuine naked orchestra might not be a bad way to sell classical music to the masses!

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