I’ve previously mentioned the Bolero straitjackets from The Stockroom; these are expensively well-made leather goods designed to work like a regular straitjacket without (and this is important, you perverts!) impeding access to anybody’s nipples or genitals. If you’ve ever admired the Stockroom-exclusive Boleros and considered buying one, now is the time, because the currently-ongoing Dungeon Experience Sale has most of them (in black leather or red leather for women, and the black-leather-only model for men) on sale at a whopping 25% discount. (Not shown below, because not on sale just now: the perforated version for summer comfort.)



red bolero straight jacket for women

I’m not sure how long the Dungeon Experience sale is supposed to last, so if you are seeing the 25% discounts right now, perhaps best not to dilly-dally about getting your order in!

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