It all started when Molly Ren tweeted “I love this image so much and I know almost nothing about who took it or where it’s from.”

My first impulse was to tweet back something snarky like “There’s an app for that” with a link to my $5.00 porn research and attribution service that not enough people use. But I made my saving throw, and thus spared Molly my snark.

Still, the image that caught her attention was intriguing and engaging, even though (like so many Tumblr specials) somebody had cropped off the watermark. I ended up tracking it down anyway, along with a companion image. They are from a page that currently loads some source but will not render for me in any of my browsers, that’s also not in the Internet Archive, but fortunately at this very moment Google Cache has it. (That last is a temporary link, natch.)


According to mouse-over tool-tip text in the cached page, these photos are “Collaboration #1” and “Collaboration #2” by Michel Groisman and Manuel Vason, and they’re dated “Nottingham 2006”.

Am I good at this? Yeah, I’m good at this.

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