October is one of my favorite months for Stockroom sales, especially when all the Syren latex fetish wear goes on sale for the costume-party season. The Syren collection includes a lot of colorful items that don’t immediately scream “fetish wear” but which will nonetheless attract every eye in the room. For instance, this halter dress:

halter dress with lipstick lips kissing pattern

Or maybe a classic raincoat with just that extra little bit of latex-y sexy boost?

syren rubber raincoat

Since all the Syren items are custom made, your color options are astonishing:


And gentlemen? Lest you think we’re missing out on the fun, I should point out that men, too, can wear latex at this party. Executioner hoodie, anybody? Or maybe just some rubber jeans, or a polo shirt?

rubber executioner's hoodie

latex "blue" jeans in many colors

rubber polo shirt

(A word to significant others: even if he would never buy such a thing, you possess a considerable power of persuasion. If you buy it, you can probably get him to wear it, to the right party…)

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